29 9 / 2013


I wrote a post about how I scheduled jobs using cron after deploying Rails. Unlike others, I use Windows to develop so I ran into problems only Windows developers might run into. Hope you check it out and provide some feedback.

05 8 / 2013


Hello everyone!
Today, I have with me someone who is trying to help fellow students and job seekers to create a beautiful and professional looking Resume. His name is Bharani Muthukumaraswamy and his service is called Resumonk.


He started this service when he was himself a student and is currently used by more than 20,000 people. Here is his story in his own words:

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30 7 / 2013


I found a great quote today on Reddit (don’t remember the source) and after searching the internet with keywords for a while, found the same story (quote) in Derek Siver’s blog.

Apparently, it’s from a book Art and Fear and it goes like this:

The ceramics teacher announced he was…

19 7 / 2013


Finally, it’s time to set the ball rolling.

Today, I have with me Robert Thomas, the inventor of Noteboards. He is an accidental entrepreneur and has already sold his business of folding whiteboards some time back.

He has a really cool story, which I am sure you’ll enjoy reading. Here are the questions I asked him which he happily replied to.

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17 6 / 2013


So, you went ahead and have bought your own domain. Now you want a professional looking email address like imawesome@batnotesapp.com. But there is one problem, you have no idea how to set it up for email.

Well, worry not, we were in the same position as you are and we decided to log our learning…

16 6 / 2013


Bat Notes is an online application to save tweets and links using twitter only.

Most of the apps make you go their site to save links or text, but not us. To save tweets, just sign up at batnotesapp.com and tweet something with #bat appended to it.

Withing two minutes, you’ll see the tweet at

15 6 / 2013

We just released a new web app, save your tweets and links using hashtag, Bat Notes! Check it out and do let us know. :)

24 5 / 2013

We just released a new website to learn new technologies. Check it out.

Currently, it is in alpha stage, where we are just putting in links for helpful stuff online categorized by complexity from beginners to expert. Do check it out.

06 12 / 2012

All the polldaal stuff has been deported to polldaal.com. Go, have a look. All the data is kept safe and sound over there. :)

02 7 / 2012

As the name suggests, we are a small team who wants to experiment with mobile and Internet technologies as much as we can. We’ll keep releasing new and interesting (many times pointless) products on the internet or in the form of mobile apps. Stay tuned for more atulyaness!